Handyman vs. General Contractor: What’s the Difference?

As a handyman or a general contractor, you really have to work on how you market yourself and define yourself in line with the services that you offer. However much you try offering exemplary services and offer your services at a fair price, you might end up not attracting even a single a customer if you do not market yourself in a proper manner.

Choosing the title that suits your services will help in attracting customers who are looking for the exact services you are offering, it will as well prevent you from wasting time on customers that won’t bother hiring you. It is therefore very important that you decide on the precise services that you want to provide to your customers, your target customers as well as the word that describes you best.

As a handyman, many are the times when you will not require a license to operate, and this happens in many states, however, this basically means that as a handyman, you have to provide your handyman services at low price. As for general contractor, you must have a valid license to operate, and the licensing process varies a lot from different states, and this is a large investment which also charges higher prices.

Legal Differences in Handyman and General Contractors

There is also a difference in the size and scope of jobs a handyman and contractor can take, and this comes as a result of the difference in license requirements. Larger jobs like the flooring installers, as well as the tiling, need to be done by specialists, this just means that the general contractor will be the perfect match for this; he or she will be there to oversee how the whole repair or installation is done. However, smaller jobs that just need one person will most of the time be done by a handyman.

Since there is a difference in the size of a job the two can do, this also brings about the difference in the types of jobs they can do, and many are the times when a handyman is called over when there are small repairs needed in the house. However, when they need to bring up a large project, they will always opt to call a contractor. Below are some of the works done by a general contractor and a handyman.

Are There Any Particular Services Handyman and Contractors Do Differently?

A handyman can help with unclogging pipes, installing a washing machine, patching holes in the walls as well as repairing or dock painting. On the other hand, general contractors can help with constructing additional rooms; they can also help with installation of a new bathroom, deck building as well as rerouting wiring in order to create a new laundry room.

Handymen can go through short courses and begin working almost immediately, on the other hand, general contractors always have to go through some background check before they start working, and they also must pass specific exams for them to be considered qualified. Handyman jobs are easier to find than General contractors jobs.

Below is a list of questions you have to ask yourself before deciding on how you would wish to advertise yourself:

  • The amount of time as well as the money you would want to invest
  • Would you like to be independent or would you want to work as a team, for handymen, independence is the way to go while for general contractors, having a team is the way to go.
  • How much time you are willing to spend on a particular project, general contractors take a lot of time to finish a project, this is because such projects are normally larger, as, for handymen, they normally take less time to finish a project because they normally do small size projects.

If you are able to answer these questions then you will be in a position to define yourself and be different from your competitors.

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